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Seven Steps to Weight Loss

Seven steps Step One: Only liquid. Step Two: Liquid and fruits. Step Three: plus raw vegetables. Step Four: plus cooked vegetables and natural brown rice. Step Five: plus beans, nuts, seeds. Step Six: plus whole-grain and natural yoghurts. Step Seven: plus fish. First step: only liquid (4 days) Traditionally, withdrawal of toxins begins with simple…

Fat Burning Or Lose Weight Fast – The Theory Behind

As it is known, in order to successfully lose weight, it is necessary to ensure superiority of energy consumption over energy absorption. Since value of energy consumption is different for different people, to lose weight by 3-5% from baseline weight in a month (we do not recommend doing it faster), it is necessary to restrict…

Natural Stimulants in Your Diet

Stimulants which are of artificial variety are toxins that can cause severe damage to your body, this in turn, might lead to loss of energy, and give rise to emotional symptoms like illness, depression and headaches. Detoxification is extremely important, when it comes to elimination of toxins from the body. Toxins can be endogenous or…

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