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Signs of sexual abuse – Keep your child Safe

Signs of sexual abuse – Keep your child Safe

Learning what to watch for in adults around your children, understanding the signs and acquiring the ‘words’ will help you keep your children safe.

Parents are Key – Teaching Your Child Personal Safety

Parents are a child’s best teachers. No parent ever wants to imagine their child a victim of sexual abuse. However, statistics show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually exploited by the age of 18. Even more troubling is that 84% of children never tell. Although there is a way to reduce the risk for our children, teaching them about the difficult subject of sexual abuse can be scary.

Family Support Line has the expertise and they organize seminars to deal with child sex abuse.


This seminar confronts denial by educating the community about the characteristics, red flags and effects of
sexual abuse on children. Participants will learn how to identify and challenge an offender’s inappropriate
behaviors so children can be better protected with the support of adults in their lives.

Learning Objectives:

• Comprehend the importance of understanding the issue of child sexual abuse
• Gain knowledge of offender behavior and emotional grooming
• Understand the signs and effects of child sexual abuse
• Learn helpful responses to a child that discloses abuse
• Challenge inappropriate behaviors of adults around children
• Confront societal denial


• Adults will more appropriately respond to disclosures of abused children
• Added confidence that more children will be protected by the adults in the community
• Diminish secrecy in support of children

Topics Covered:

• Definition and scope of the problem
• Characteristics and effects
• Offender behavior and emotional grooming tactics
• Secrets and tricks
• Dynamics of power and control
• Stages of the offense
• Red flags
• Handling a sexual abuse disclosure
• How to help

Family Support Line utilizes a variety of presentation modalities:

• PowerPoint presentation
• Informational handouts and resource materials
• Videos
• Discussion


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