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How your star sign can affect your mood, energy and well being

How your star sign can affect your mood, energy and well being

Would you believe that there was a time when doctors studied astrology and used birth charts to diagnose, interpret, and treat a patient? Astrology indeed has an effect on a person’s overall health and well being as claimed by modern-day research. It does not mean though that you don’t need to consult a trained medical professional and just rely on astrological readings. Astrologers can never replace doctors. There are still other factors that affect a person’s overall health and well being like one’s personal lifestyle.

A birth chart is unique to each individual which depends on the month, day, time, and place a person is born. It’s as unique as a fingerprint. It can reveal strengths and weaknesses, stresses, possibilities, or anything that cannot easily be seen or detected by medical tools.



Astrology can be used to find imbalances in an individual, check on possible health issues, give advice on ways to prevent these possible health issues from happening and ways of relieving anxiety and stress for each individual.

Earth is composed of gases and energy. Every specie on earth has its own individual energy frequency be it a human being, an animal, or even a plant. It gives a person an advantage if he/she can identify his/her own energy patterns to be in tune with their true selves and to be in tune with the universe.

Every star sign has its own unique characteristics, be it positive or negative. This explains why there are times when one feels at his or her best and there are other times when life or a day becomes challenging. One must learn how to balance his/her energy given the characteristics or attributes of his/her own star sign because when the balance is disrupted, it creates issues and problems. Given that each star sign has its own attributes, each star sign is recommended with different diet plans, exercises, and activities.

The four elements – fire, water, air, and earth can affect one’s wellbeing. Each star sign has its own element. These elements represent energies within an individual. The energy should be used in a balanced way in order to avoid depleting your energy and making yourself vulnerable to physical, emotional, and psychological issues.



Despite having three different star signs that share one element, it doesn’t mean that their energies are the same. Remember that each birth chart is unique, each star sign is unique. These star signs that share the same element uses its element in different ways to channel their energies. Each of the signs is vulnerable in different ways and therefore needs different strategies in overcoming them.

Well being is a general term for the condition of an individual or a group. It involves different aspects of wellness such as physical, emotional, social, and spiritual levels. To achieve that overall happiness and contentment, it is important to create and promote balance, wholeness, and purity within our bodies, hearts, and minds. If one of it is out of balance, the entire system gets affected. Just think about doing a headstand for yoga. The body weight should be well distributed to the different parts of your body. You cannot put all your body weight on your head. Otherwise, you would not be able to do a proper headstand. If you are able to be focused enough to do a headstand but suddenly shift your weight to the wrong body part, you fall out of that headstand and destroy the balance.


It is quite tricky and challenging to create a state of wellbeing. Example, when one’s heart is weighed down with too much stress or sadness, it affects the person physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The effects can be trigger physical illness or psychosomatic disorder (mental factors such as stress and anxiety cause physical symptoms even if there is no physical disease). It also causes low energy which may affect your work and daily tasks and can prevent you from performing your daily duties. It causes depression which may lead you to withdrawal symptom. You might want to lock yourself up and hide from the world because you don’t want people to see you in that state. It may also affect your spiritual wellbeing in which you start to question if you really deserve the things that are happening to you and if the universe or the god that you believe in really listens to your prayers and wishes. Everything is connected to each other that’s why it’s important to strike a balance. One thing affects another.

Each star sign also rules a specific body part. To have an overall balanced wellbeing, it helps to know your star sign’s health needs based on your element and the body part that your star sign rules. Since each star sign rules specific body parts, an individual may be prone to accompanying illnesses related to these body parts. Based on these, you can strategize on how to avoid these illnesses.

Now that you know that your star sign can influence your overall health and well-being, it is good to be aware how your star sign affects each aspect of your life. There are days or months when you feel that you are in no luck in your career, love life, and maybe in your health. Aren’t you wondering when there are some days that you don’t feel well even if there is no possible cause that might have triggered your illness? Knowing the effects of your star sign on your well being can help prepare you for events that may come. You can also use this for preventive measures. For example, if your star sign rules the heart, you need to take good care of your heart by doing cardio exercises and having a healthy diet decreasing your intake of fatty foods and meat.

If you want to see for yourself, why not try getting a free astrology online? You can check  your Astrological reading for 2017. If you also want to learn more about your star sign and its effect on your well being, you can check Astrology and Well Being. If you want to know how to channel your energy depending on your specific star sign, you can consult Gillian Knowles.



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