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Top RBSE Schools in Jaipur for Your Kids

Top RBSE Schools in Jaipur for Your Kids

Board exams play a vital role in further studies. Your marks in the RBSE will help you in getting selected in your desired college. There are so many different activities as well, which help in selection like sports, Olympics. Moreover, schools should not only involve the teachings related to academics but also for life. So, by keeping in view all the things, the below-listed Top RBSE schools in Jaipur are considered to be best for your senior school studies.

Top RBSE Schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan

1. VSI International

The education minister awarded this school in the year 2017 for the emerging school. The academic results are outstanding in every field. The streams in this school are science, arts, and commerce.

The concentration is on developing the most essential attributes in the students that can contribute to their success. For example, self-motivation, self-discipline, responsible.

This is the best RBSE School in Jaipur Rajasthan as this school provides best facilities to its students at an affordable price.

The school focuses on making great citizens who know to respect the people.

The teachers for academic subjects are competent and motivated, which makes the difference in quality learning. They give proper mentorship and guidance, which develops the learning desire in the students. In addition to highly qualified teachers, every activity specialist is there like sports, dance, music, and singing.

Students are motivated to engage in so many activities to enhance their brain skills. There is a different activity room in the school where students develop problem-solving skills. Also, various recreational activities help in the mental and physical development of children.

Address: Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur.

Ph. Number: 9309305656.

2. Green Valley Secondary School

The aim is always to offer quality education which can enhance the skills of the students. The curriculum is structured in a way that can develop every ability of students. The school focuses on every activity to improve its quality learning that’s why kept this school on second number in the list of Top RBSE Schools in Jaipur.

The objective of the school is to evolve the students into self-dependent personalities by offering quality education. The students are framed into the figures who have the desire for learning. Also, they are converted into the ones who can think in every aspect of life critically with an excellent expression power.

The staff focuses on developing the students’ character since their childhood. Moreover, they concentrate on shaping them into the personalities who can bring change into society.

The infrastructure is modern with beautiful classrooms. The management takes care of safety & security through CCTV cameras. The school also provides a safe conveyance facility. The teachers are trained to be caring towards students.

Address: Sodala Tiraha, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur, 302019.

Ph. No.: 7014657635

3. Vidya Shree Academy

It is a non-profit organisation which works for the development of people through education. It is best in the science field as it has modern laboratories. The labs in this Jaipur’s RBSE school are a physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, computer science lab, and an audiovisual centre. The students become capable of learning new things in the field of technology as they become flexible & resourceful in this school.

The students can gain concessions in fees by scoring the requisite percentile. Moreover, the students who score 1st rank can get the full rebate in fees. Also by excellent performance in all the activities like sports, social studies, cultural events, and academics.

Various recreational activities are coordinated in the premise like yoga, sports. The objective is to transform the mind, body, and soul of students.

The management focuses on the enhancement of will power of students. The staff make efforts in developing the best character in a student. The rules & regulations are stringent in the school which develops good habits in the student.

Address: 84, Krishna Vihar, Gopalpura Bye-Pass, Jaipur.

Ph. No.: 80589-99828.

4. Sand Dunes Academy

This is one of the best management and affordable RBSE schools in Jaipur. The management organises various academic & non-academic activities intending to sharpen the skills of students. The technique of teaching is innovative, which help the students to learn things on their own. The school has various clubs to provide practical knowledge & in-depth perception of everything. For example, the commerce club, science club, literary club, and environmental club.

The fields available in this school are science, commerce, and humanities. The curriculum of high school aims to enrich the overall learning. So, it is a necessity to participate in other activities for senior class students like sports, cultural events etc. The students are also guided to select the career path through counselling.

Sports play an essential role in the mental and physical development of a kid. So, the school concentrates on every game. The indoor games are also present in the school. So many different activities are also there which develops & enhance creativity in a student.

The labs are for every field like maths lab, chemistry lab, bio lab, physics lab, digital labs, and geography lab. The school also has abacus and smart classes which helps to sharpen their skills. Books always contribute to the improvement of life, whether it is academic or non-academic. So, the books are available in various different categories in large numbers.

The school plans many trips and picnics to improve the social skills of students. Also, it helps in the refreshment of students from time to time.

Teachers send the report of students to the parents. The parents’ teacher meeting is held at the end of every month.

Address: Vivek Vihar, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur.

Ph. No.: 9549111186.

5. Achievers Academy Senior Secondary School

It is an English medium school (RBSE) for both girls & boys in Jaipur. The students are shaped to think critically and are developed in every possible way.

The curriculum is innovative for primary classes which enhance the brain skills of students. Moreover, the course for high school students is as per the selected board. The teachers encourage the students to participate in various activities. So, the students who find it challenging to grab opportunities can get every chance to take part.

Address: Dadhichi Nagar, Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Murlipura, Jaipur.

Ph. Number: 9667400415.

6. St. Joseph Academy School

This school is affiliated with RBSE and CBSE in science, commerce, and arts stream. The education is provided in English and Hindi medium.

The teaching methodology is excellent in this school as the teachers focus on practical knowledge as well. The teachers foster the skills and talents of students and motivate them to take part. The extracurricular activities are yoga, judo classes, various sports activities, swimming classes, and sports activities.

Rules and regulations are stringent in this school. Every student has to follow every state.

Address: Sector-600, Barkat Nagar, Jaipur.

Ph. No.: 0141-2591609

Now, you can gather other information about these RBSE schools in Jaipur from other sources as well. Also, you should visit and evaluate the schools so that you can get your desired school.

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