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5 best wedding favour gift ideas

Looking for wedding favour gift ideas? Well, here is a lowdown on some interesting gifts you can give in the wedding favour. Take a look.

1. Choose candies considering the taste of your guests. In fact, arrange for a candy room in your reception area. Place two large glass bowls. Fill these bowls with colourful candies. Decide upon the quantity depending on the number of guests you are inviting. Order different types of wedding favour bags. Fill these mini bags with the lovely candies.

Tip: Write your and your partner’s initials on these bags.

Go back to old childhood times. Choose candies that remind you and your guests about their old school days. Ask for suggestions from your friends and family members. Popular childhood candy favourites can be:

  1. Gumballs
  2. Gummies

Buy these candies from nearby local stores. You can also order them online.

Tip: Choose fancy wedding favour bags for packing the candies.

Choose candies that hold special significance to you and your partner. For instance, select those candies that your partner gifted you first. In fact, choosing candies that reflect your hometown is also a good idea. If you are from a beach place, opt for water or jelly candies.

If you are including different candies, make sure that you add little description for each of them. Wedding favours in places like UK is quite famous.

2. Be creative with popcorn balls. They are tasty snacks you can pack in wedding favour bags. In case you do not know how to make these balls, search the Internet. You will come across several ways to make popcorn balls. Do not forget to customise these balls as per the demand of the occasion. For instance, match the popcorn ball colour with the main color theme of your wedding. You can also mould popcorn mixture into different shapes like butterflies and hearts. Remember that you will need mini moulds for customising the shapes.

3. Chocolate dipped spoons are perhaps the most uncommon gift you can give in your wedding favour bags. They will surprise your guests. You will incur little cost and not much effort is required to arrange for chocolate dipped spoons. Go for fancy disposable spoons in colours like gold and silver.

Note: You can also add spices and nuts to enhance the flavour.

4. Gift any famous game in the wedding favour bag. For instance, Rubik’s cube or maybe a deck of cards

The guests will enjoy the game once the wedding festivity is over. They can come in the hotel room and have fun with their partners with these light-hearted games.

5. Many couples prefer scented soaps as their wedding favour gifts. These gifts look decorative and are usable too. To enhance their look further, you can use couple’s monogram. All you need to do is to have the monogram on the decoration paper with which you will cover the soap. Add a personalised message on the soap. Do not forget to place a small lace or bow on the covered soap. It will make your gift look more elegant.

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