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Fashion Magazine – Brutally Bitter Truth Revealed!

Fashion Magazine – Brutally Bitter Truth revealed! Fashion magazines can have a negative effect on women’s self esteem – research has shown that. All those slim models with perfect make-up can provoke some unhealthy behaviors – like women starving themselves to become what they think society considers ‘beautiful’. But those magazine images don’t just affect…

Thanks To Sonakshi Sinha for giving us a Holiday!

Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie

I am talking about Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie Oh! We must thank our lucky stars!! And who are our lucky stars…of course the tinsel town damsels! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But this weight loss tendencies and zero-figure fashion was taking our little relaxation pleasures away from us speedily!! With zero-figure in fashion, we, the…

From Womanhood to Motherhood – Maternity fashion

Maternity fashion is necesssary for pregnant women to feel beautiful and elegant. Big belly makes a woman receding and pulling skirt just to the chest. Accordingly, the skirt is hanging from behind, and rides up above knees, stressing all the features of «irregular» figure. A skirt with triangle wedges slouching down will compensate for this…

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