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Role of an electrician

Electricians are professionals who look after the electrical arrangement of a property. They handle wiring arrangement, electrical outlets and fuses of the property. In commercial places like factories, electricians are called for installing electrical machines. Depending on the nature of the job, electricians require wire strippers, screwdrivers and other tools to carry out their duty. Hand and power tools are two categories of tools that the electricians use.

The demand for an electrician is always high. As there is high risk involved in electricity, it is better to seek professional help for electrical matters. Moreover, the chances of a novice getting hurt by sharp tools are high in electrical tasks.

Electricians are knowledgeable about the safety rules. They work on electrical matters following all the required precautions.

Electricians also guide the home owners or factory workers about the electrical safety rules. National Electrical Codes is what genuine electricians follow. In addition they also follow the local state rules.

Electricians comprise a broad context. You can divide them into 3 categories:

  1. factory purpose
  2. maintenance purpose
  3. construction purpose

These are three areas on which the electricians mainly work upon. However, there are few electricians who perform dually in maintenance and construction. Lets look at the different job responsibilities of the electricians:

  • Construction electricians supervise the wiring arrangement in new houses, factories or any other commercial property. They install breaker boxes and other key electrical parts.

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  • Factory electricians mainly work upon the electrical generators. They also have to deal with the industrial robots, motors etc. They look after three main areas – installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance electricians replace and repair the wiring arrangement, light switches, breaker boxes and so on. On the basis of their inspection, they decide upon the appropriate solution.

Electricians are thoroughly trained in their work. In most cases they go through both classroom lecture and practical training. On-the-job training is common and quite effective in electrician’s job.

Considering the complexity of the job of electricians, most of the states have certain eligibility criteria to work as an electrician. Electricians require a license to work professionally.

Did you know that most of the electricians working in the public sector i.e. for the government, hold a Master Electrician certification? It is not easy to obtain this degree. An electrician needs to have 7 years of work experience along with a Bachelors degree in electricity to qualify for a Masters.

Apprenticeship programs play an important part in the training of the electrician. In fact most of the electricians get a job through their apprenticeship program. Moreover, the potential electricians get to learn a lot and also earn during the apprenticeship phase. in these programs, electricians understand how to implement the theories they have studied in the classroom.

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to obtain an apprenticeship.

  • The candidate needs to be 18 years of age
  • He must be high school pass out
  • He should have passed the drug test
  • He should have passed the aptitude test.

Once the candidate fulfills the above-mentioned requirements, he can look into the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. It provides information on several apprenticeship programs. There are other organizations also that provide information on apprenticeship programs.


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