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Gospels of Lord Jesus Christ, Prophecies of the Mahdi & Others

The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ, by the disciple John
(Jesus talking)

Your Mother is in you, and you in her.
… Happy are you when you come to know Her and Her Kingdom; if you receive your Mother’s angels and if you do Her Laws, I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease. For the power of our Mother is above all.

… I tell you truly, that your true brothers in the will of the Heavenly Father and of the Earthly Mother will love you a thousand times more than your brothers by blood.

…And then shall the sons of Men like true brothers, give love to one another, the love which they received from their Heavenly Father and from their Earthly Mother, and they shall all become comforters of one another. And then shall disappear from the earth, all evil and all sorrow, and there shall be love and joy upon the earth. And then shall the earth be like the heavens, and the kingdom of God shall come.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Chapter 44, verses 19-23: Jesus visits Greece; extract from his address to the Athenians

Unaided by the Spirit-breath, the work of intellection tends to solve the problems of the things we see, and nothing more.The senses were ordained to bring into the mind mere pictures of the things that pass away; they do not deal with real things; they do not comprehend eternal law. But man has something in his soul, a something that will tear the veil apart that he may see the world of real things. We call this something spirit consciousness; it sleeps in every soul and cannot be awakened until the Holy Breath becomes a welcome guest. This Holy Breath knocks at the door of every soul, but cannot enter until the will of man throws wide the door.

Chapter 161 , verses 35-38: In Jerusalem, Jesus addresses the eleven disciples

And now I go my way, but I will pray my Father-God and he will send another Comforter to you, who will abide with you. Behold, this Comforter of God, the Holy Breath, is one with God, but She is the One the world cannot receive because it sees Her not; it knows Her not. But you know Her, and will know her, because She will abide within your soul.

Chapter 162, verses 4-11

And Jesus spoke again unto the eleven and said

‘Grieve not because I go away, for it is best that I should go away. If I do not go the Comforter will not come to you. These things I speak while with you in the flesh, but when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo, she will teach you more and more, and bring to your remembrance all the words I have said to you. There are a multitude of things yet to be said; things that this age cannot receive because it cannot comprehend. But, lo, I say, before the great day of the Lord shall come, the Holy Breath will make all mysteries known –

The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality; the oneness of a man with every other man and with his God. Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be the truth. When she has come, the Comforter, she will convince the world of sin, and of the truth of what I speak, and of the rightness of the judgement of the just; and then the prince of carnal life will be cast out. And when the Comforter shall come I need not intercede for you; for you will stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows me’.

Prophecies of the Mahdi

Madhi is the name of the last of the 12 Imams. The first Imam was Ali, son-in-law of Mohammed. According to Islam, and in particular the Shiites, Madhi comes at the time of the Last Judgement to save the world. In Sahaja Yoga we believe that Shri Mataji is the Mahdi.
We note also that the Hindu ‘Adi Ma’ is the reverse of the Muslim ‘Mahdi’.

The Prophet Mohammed (reported by Abu al-Hujaf in Bihar al-anwar, vol. 51, p. 74):

Listen to the good news about the Mahdi! He will rise at the time when people will be faced with severe conflict and the earth will be hit by a violent quake. He will fill the earth with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny.
He will fill the hearts of his followers with devotion and will spread justice everywhere.

The Prophet Mohammed (reported in Bihar al-anwar vol.51, p65; and in Ithbat al-hudat, vol.6, p382):

The Day of Resurrection will not take place until the True Qa’im rises. This will happen when God permits him to do so. Anyone who follows him will be saved, and anyone who opposes him will perish. O servants of God, keep God in your mind and go towards him even if it happens to be on the ice, for indeed he is the caliph of God, the Exalted and Glorified, and my successor.

The Prophet Mohammed (as reported by Abu Said al-Khudari;Bihar al-anwar vol.51, p74; also in Ithbat al-hudat, vol.7, p9):

The Mahdi from among my descendants, from my family, will rise at the End of Time, while the heavens will pour rain and the earth will bring forth green grass for him. He will fill the earth with justice and equity as it is filled with tyranny and injustice.

The followers of the Mahdi will have special powers of communication with the Imam (vibrational awareness) (reported by Ja’far in al-kulayni, al-Rawda, II/49):

At the time of the Advent of our Qa’im, God, may He be exalted and glorified, will develop the hearing and sight of our faithful in such a manner that, without there being a messenger between the Qa’im and themselves, he will speak with them, and they will hear and can see him without him having left the place where he is.

The Naths

Originating in the 11th century, successive generations of Nath yogis maintained the tradition of kundalini awakening. Their sacred texts contained detailed knowledge of the chakras and nadis of the subtle system, as in the Siddha-Siddhanta-Paddhati, attributed to Gorakhnath.

Kaulajnananirnaya1, chapter 3, lines 5-10: beyond the Sahasrara

Dearest, (in the pinda exist) the (cakras) of five lines, 16 lines, sixty four petals, the truly beautiful 100 petal (lotus) and the beautiful thousand petal lotus and above this is a very brilliant 10,000,000 petal lotus. Above the 10,000,000 petal lotus is a 30,000,000 petal lotus, each pericarp of which is similar to a flame.
Above this is the all encompassing, eternal, undivided, independent, steady lotus- pervading all, stainless. By its will (sveccha) it causes creation and dissolution. Both the animate and inanimate are dissolved in this linga.

John of Jerusalem, Secret Register of Prophecies (1119)

When the millennium that comes after this millennium ends, men will have finally opened their eyes. They will no longer be imprisoned in their head and in their cities, but will be able to see from one end of the Earth to another and understand each other. They will know that what makes one suffer hurts another.

Men will form one huge body of which each one will be a tiny part. Together they will form the heart of this body. There will be a common language spoken by everybody and thus, finally, a glorious humanity will come into existence …. because Woman will arrive to reign supreme; She will govern the future and decree her philosophy to man. She will be the Mother of this millennium that follows the millennium. She will, after the days of the devil, radiate the gentle sweetness of a Mother. She will, after the days of barbarity, embody beauty. The millennium that follows the millennium will metamorphose into an age of lightness: Men will love each other, share everything, dream and the dreams will turn into reality…

Thus man will have his second birth.

Spirit will possess the mass of men who will be united in brotherhood. So an end will be proclaimed to barbarity. It will be the era of a new strength of belief. The dark days at the beginning of the millennium that follows the millennium will be followed by days of jubilation: man will once more find the righteous path of humanity and Earth will find harmony once more..

There will be roads that connect one end of the Earth and the sky to the other; the woods will once more be dense, the desert will once more be irrigated and the water will once again be pure.

The Earth will be like a garden: man will take care of every living thing and he will clean everything he has dirtied. He will understand that the whole of Earth is his home and he will think with wisdom of the morrow. Man will know everything on Earth and his own body.

Diseases will be cured before they are manifested and everybody will cure themselves and each other. Man will have understood that he has to help himself to stay upright; and after the days of reticence and avarice Man will open his heart and his purse to the poor; he will define himself curator of the human species and so, finally, a new era will begin.

When man has learnt to give and share the bitter days of solitude will be at an end. He will once more believe in the Spirit and the barbarians will be unheard of… But all this will happen after the wars and the fires, all this will arise from the ashes of the burnt towers of Babel. And a strong hand will be needed to bring order to the chaos and to put Man on the right path.

Man will learn that all creatures must be respected. Man, in his lifetime, will live more than one life and will learn that the light never goes out…


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