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ARDRA NAKSHATRA or Alpha Orionis

ARDRA NAKSHATRA or Alpha Orionis

Ardra/Thiruvathirai is ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents thunder.
  • This is the sixth nakshatra of the zodiac, having a spread from 6°-40′ to 20°-00′ in Mithuna or Gemini and is ruled by the node Rahu.
  • Ardra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat.
  • When the Sun enters Ardra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course that is “Ambobachi”.
    The lord of Ardra is Budha. The symbol of Ardra is is a tear-drop.
  • Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice, afflicted by sickness, fear and anger. They are bereft of money and corns.
  • Ardra born people can behave very cooly during the times of extreme hardship and plan their actions accordingly and they get employed in professions that are related with travel and foreign places.


Ardra Characteristics

One born under this nakshatra is thrifty, insincere , ungrateful and sinful and at times they will spend foolishly.They are flexible and open to change, and often make attempts to change their negative traits. Those born under this nakshatra will suffer from heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.

They are religiousness, of responsible positions, artistic, brave, prone to litigations, have laziness, is a leader and passionate.


Positive Traits
Curious mind, hunger for knowledge, quick in action, good memory, prefers physical work or work involving the body, good at getting support from the government or authorities, great communicator, truthful, have a transformative point in life at which point they drop many of their bad traits, compassionate towards those in pain.
Negative Traits
Arrogant, abuses power, lusts after material attainments, ungrateful, mischievous, reckless, physically oriented jobs, anti-social, mean streak causes pain to others, self-serving, dishonest, stubborn, critical, impolite, untruthful, poor financial planning, excessive indulgences, cause pain or agony to others, violent, complaining.

Career Interests
Writers, teachers, hospice, social services, sales, pr, politics, humanitarian projects, athlete, butcher, drug dealer, chemotherapist, those who deal with dead things such as junk, canned, frozen food.
In Short –
Social skills, politically minded, mental instability, fickle, critical, dishonest, cunning, fierce activity and restless mind.
Famous people: Princess Diana, Ross Perot, Clarence Thomas, Stan Grove, David Duke.
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