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Advantages of Using a Treadmill For Effective Weight loss

Why Only Treadmill?
Treadmill helps you perform aerobics, the most effective of all the exercises. This kind of exercise gives a thorough benefit to your body instead of focusing on abs or biceps building. There is also a flexibility of carrying out the activity at your own disposal without any time constraint. You can also use treadmill in front of TV watching your favorite show, thus the chances of getting bored are less. It is also a great relief on a hot summer day, when running or walking out is not possible.

Treadmill and Calorie Burn
Treadmills are easiest way to burn calories and stay toned. In order to use treadmill you neither require special skills nor need to go for a vigorous warm up. A comfortable and slow treadmill workout carried out for an hour leads to the burning of about 200 calories. If you increase your pace by little, about you may burn about 700-800 calories in an hour.

Advantages of Using a Treadmill

  • It is a great way to perform cardiovascular exercises and it is very simple way to do a cardio as compared to the other complex cardiovascular exercises. Not only does it help you exercise, regular use of treadmill also boosts your endurance.
  • The chances of getting injured on treadmill are very less as compared to the other complex gym machines. It also offers the benefit of reduced impact with some sort of shock absorption. It also gives less strain to the ankles, knees and back of users.
  • It is a safer means than running on road in unfavorable conditions and great relief from weather, traffic and other such hindering possibilities.
  • The treadmill lets you exactly calculate and adjust your speed and timings of workouts.
  • In a treadmill you also get to calculate step count, heart rate monitors and amount of calories burnt.
  • Treadmill also increases your aerobic capacity.
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