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Pacific Rim Uprising : A Movie Review

Pacific Rim Uprising – Movie Review

Pacific Rim Uprising is a sequel of Pacific Rim that was released in 2013. This is one of those aliens versus humans movies that involves science, adventure and a little bit of violence. The movie has some likable and completely diverse characters who work together on a mission and eventually succeed. Than having a social message, this movie is all about entertainment. So if you are looking for some pure entertainment this weekend, then consider booking your tickets for Pacific Rim Uprising and make the best use of the PVR offers this month and get discount on the movie tickets.

Star cast of Pacific Rim Uprising

The star cast consists of both new and old faces from the first movie.

John Boyega plays the role of Jake Pentecost, the son of Kaiju War hero Stacker Pentecost. Scott Eastwood plays Nate Lambert, formerly estranged co-pilot of Jaeger.

Cailee Saeny plays the role of Amara Namani, teen Jaeger builder. And, Rinko Kikuchi is reprising her role as Mako Mori, a co-pilot of Jaeger who lost her family during the Kaiju attack. Other cast members include Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Jing Tian, Adria Arjona, Zhang Jin, Mackenyu, Ivanna Sakhno etc.

Critic review of Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising received both positive and negative reviews. Times of India quoted that this movie lacked the heart and soul of its prequel and it only aimed to please the fans who love massive fights between the monsters and the robots with three out of five stars. However, Glenn Kenny of New York Times quoted that the movie was adroit and enjoyable.


It has been 10 years since the battle of the breach, and Jake Pentecost, the son of stacker Pentecost brings home the bacon by stealing and selling the Jaeger parts in the LA black market. One fine day, he tracks a part of Jaeger power core that is disabled and reaches a secret workshop of a teenage jaeger enthusiast Amra Namani. All of a sudden, their arrest happens by the PPDC(Pan-Pacific Defense Corps), and after a brief conversation with his sister, Mako Mori, the general secretary of PPDC, Jake joins PPDC as an instructor and Amara as his recruit.

The plot next moves to China where he joins Nate Lambert, a former co-pilot of Jaeger. Nate and Mako uncover to him that the Jaeger program is debilitated by Shao Corporation’s automation program, which offers to mass deliver remote controlled Jaegers created by Liwen Shao and Dr. Newt Geiszler. Then takes place a series of destruction and it is found out that the cause for all this is the Kaiju’s secondary brain. Next, it all about the fight between the Jaegers and the Kaiju. There are a few more plot twists which have to be seen in the theatres only. The movie is truly a visual treat; thanks Jon Boyega, who is also the producer of this movie.

Star performance in Pacific Rim Uprising

Jon Boyega is undoubtedly the star of the movie. He has got into the shoes of the character, Jake Pentecost with a relaxing charm and ease. Cailee and Scott Eastwood fit into their role well. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman offer the comic relief that is needed to keep things alive. Most of the other roles have complemented the role of Jon Boyega very well.In simple words, if someone is looking for some fantasy, fights, and adrenaline rush, then this is the movie the should be watching this weekend.

Direction and Music Review of Pacific Rim Uprising

There are few pitfalls in the movie apart from the entertainment, but it is not the star cast to blame. The storyline and the direction could have been a little stronger. The narration also makes the movie feel slow and lagging, but again, there are fights and flying all over, which kind of covers most of the flaws.

Lorne Balfe is the music composer for Pacific Rim Uprising. The music is not great, and not one song will one remember once out of the theatre. The tracks “Born Into War” and Go Big or Go Extinct” are okay and bearable. For the most part, it is only the heavy electronic in order to make it blend with the plot. The music could have been better.

Box office collection of Pacific Rim Uprising

Movies like these do great at the box office, however, the exceptions are always there. This movie released on 23rd March 2018 worldwide. In past 13 days, this movie has collected USD 232.1 million, out of which USD 47 million was grossed in the US and Canada and the remaining USD 185.1 million in other territories.

Trivia and Ratings of Pacific Rim Uprising

In spite of average reviews from the critics, the movie is doing fairly well, as it meets every need of the viewers. With 45% Rotten Tomatoes rating and 44% Metacritic rating, the movie is doing well all over the world. IMDb graced the movie with 6 points out of 10. For movies like these, ratings don’t really matter, as what one likes is not liked by the others in this kind of genres. So, it is better to watch it yourself, before talking about this movie based on its rating.


  • Guillermo del Turo who was the director of Pacific Rim has taken the producer’s seat this time.
  • The movie was both written and directed by Steven S DeKnight.


Here is how to book your tickets for Pacific Rim Uprising

Going to the cinema theatres, waiting in the queues and then purchasing the movie tickets is all tedious. You can now book the tickets from your home along with some exciting deals and discounts. When you book well in advance, you can save a couple of bucks, and can also get some early bird incentives. Here is the simple way to book your movie tickets online.

  • There are several sites online where you can book your movie tickets.
  • Once you have chosen the best site, look for Pacific Rim Uprising.
  • Select the number of seats and the location of these seats and confirm.
  • The next step would be the payment. Make sure to check for the offers, as a few theatres are now offering some cool offers for the viewers. If you have any coupon code, make sure to use them.
  • Payment can be made in any mode.
  • Once the payment is done you will be getting a confirmational email and SMS on your registered email address and mobile number respectively.


Pacific Rim Uprising could be a great movie for some, and just a one-time watch for others. Though the storyline isn’t that strong enough, the movie is jampacked with entertainment and it is a visual treat while watching on the big screen. If you are a desperate lover of robots, drones, aliens, AI, etc., then you shouldn’t be waiting anymore…



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