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Seven Steps to Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss

Seven steps
Step One: Only liquid.
Step Two: Liquid and fruits.
Step Three: plus raw vegetables.
Step Four: plus cooked vegetables and natural brown rice.
Step Five: plus beans, nuts, seeds.
Step Six: plus whole-grain and natural yoghurts.
Step Seven: plus fish.

First step: only liquid (4 days)
Traditionally, withdrawal of toxins begins with simple water, maybe with lemon drop. But you can also drink fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Savory green or herbal tea (ginger, fennel, tutsan, rowan). The main thing is that the total fluid volume was adequate. This is about 1.5 liters. Do not drink purchased beverages, as they contain sweeteners and preservatives. It is better to squeeze juice of fresh berries and fruits. Pineapple, apples and kiwis. Juices from celery, tomatoes, carrots and beets are also excellent. A mixture of carrot, apple or raspberry and peach juices is ideal.

Second stage: liquid and vegetables (3 days)
Fruits and vegetables grown in environmentally clean areas are ideal for detox-diets. Despite frequent sour taste of fruits, they are neutral from chemical side. They neutralize acid slags while their derivation from the body, and high fiber content improves bowel activity, which contains up to 3- 4 kilograms of «waste».

• Apples contain a lot of pectin, which contributes to withdrawal of toxins, as well as tartaric acid that stimulates digestion.
• Pineapple prevents harmful bacteria formation and putrid processes.
• Grape improves kidney and liver activity.
• Water-melon is an excellent diuretic. It stimulates removal of liquids from the body together with slags.

Third step: add raw vegetables (3 days)

Roots contain particularly useful substances that improve digestion. Raw vegetables contain approximately same substances as fruits. Some types of lettuce are particularly effective at detoxification.
• Raw garlic purifies blood.
• Fennel stimulates digestion and reduces gas production.

Fourth step: add cooked vegetables and rice (2 days)

Do not cook vegetables too long, and use less water, salt and spices. The best way to do this is cooking on steam and stewing. Green leafy vegetables are particularly beneficial for liver. Choose brown rice. It absorbs very well and leads out a lot of toxins from the intestines. It is easily digested and contains a lot of fiber. Of spices we suggest cayenne pepper and ginger. Both contribute to digestion and withdrawal of poisons through skin. Onions and garlic lead out heavy metals from the body. Girasol contains inulin, which contributes to formation of useful bacteria in the intestine. Beet connects acidc and promotes digestive processes in stomach.

Fifth step: add beans, nuts and seeds
Beans and lentils bring correct proteins in the body. But they cannot be mixed with rice, because combination of carbohydrates and proteins slow down digestion. Eat only raw and fresh nuts, and certainly non-sweet. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds bring a lot of energy and saturated fatty acids, which the body needs but cannot produce itself. Use, for example, sesame, sunflower and linseeds in salads.

Sixth stage: add grains and natural yoghurts
The usefulness of natural yogurt containing live bacteria is known to all. Yogurts from goat’s and sheep’s milk are the most useful. They are easier assimilated, than products from cow’s milk, and contain identical intestinal bacteria.

Use whole grains. They contain many fibers, which absorb well and lead out slags of the intestines and help liver activity. Rye, buckwheat, oats and barley are best suited. But not wheat. All of them slowly and evenly bring into blood glucose and promote accumulation of glycogen in liver.

Step Seven: add fish
Any fresh fish. Sorts containing saturated fatty acids, like sardines, tuna and salmon are best for healthy skin.

By this time, you already feel comfortable and relaxed. Feeling of hunger is no longer concerned, as at the beginning of a diet, and you have no regrets about «tasty» things you had to refuse from.

Now, after completion of Detox-diet, you can gradually introduce other products in a diet. But do it slowly.

Carefully enter dairy products and meat into a diet. Your body contains a lot of saturated fats, which, combined with proteins, will inhibit digestive process. Flour products should be added at the last turn.

If you’re too impatient, you risk seriously damaging your health. Gradual withdrawal of Detox Diet will give you a wonderful feeling and a healthy, rosy appearance.

Be always healthy and beautiful!

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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