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The relation between Energy Centers & Endocrine System

The relation between Energy Centers & Endocrine System Commonly, each of the body’s basic seven chakras or energy centers is associated with specific locations on the body, such as the heart, the throat, or the crown of the head (see image) . But when you look at a chakra chart, you don’t see the underlying…

The other face of Hitler – Dietrich Eckart – Occult that brought mass destruction!

Adolf Hitler was the Fuehrer of Germany from 1934 until 1945 when he commited suicide. As Fuehrer, (dictator) he led Germany on an military expansionist policy to create a Europe dominated and populated by the Aryan race. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He legitimized the Nazi concept of German and Aryan racial superiority and implemented…

Can Titanic II Avoid The Fate of Its 1912 Counterpart?

Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. Despite being an object of pride for all its engineers, sailors and crews, it could not live up to the expectations of the passengers aboard. The blueprint of the Titanic II is ready and hopefully it will be set for its maiden voyage in 2016. Will it make it’s…

Career Myths you should not Believe in

Career Myths

This post is dedicated especially to those people who are tired of receiving tits and bits of career advices from their family members, relatives, friends and colleagues over and over again. You can’t actually blame them. Sadly, even we start believing in what we hear, and this is the reason why most of us end…

Aliens or Earthly Creatures- Just Victims of Rituals

Aliens do exist, or they don’t, or they do………the war of words might go on and on without reaching any concluding point. Truth is, scientists have not yet been able to establish the existence of such weired looking creatures. But, they haven’t even denounced its existence completely. One reason for that has come up recently….

END Of Osama Bin Laden – Or just a Publicity Stunt for Obama?

Many are showing their doubts regarding the report and demanding for the dead body. Some even believe it is nothing but a round of promotion for Obama by Americans. But, after the terror of 9/11, it is the best if had really happened. Indeed it is not a war against Islam, but it a War against the “ENEMY OF HUMANITY”, as al Qaeda, took many innocent Islam lives in its cruel grasp of death.

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