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Cheap 90 Days Diet for Weight Loss

The purpose of a 90-day separate nutrition diet, in addition to getting rid of excess kilograms, is to change metabolic processes in the body, as assurance that after the diet you can keep weight at achieved level. Therefore, after 90 days of a diet you should eat only fruits for breakfast, and continue eating balanced…

Basic Principle Behind Quick Weight Loss

Basic principle is: if you want to lose weight significantly, all these days you need to have mostly boiled or stewed food, refuse bread consumption and reduce fruit one. The less you eat, the more weight you lose. If you decided to lose weight not too radically, it’s your choice. But do not play by…

Seven Steps to Weight Loss

Seven steps Step One: Only liquid. Step Two: Liquid and fruits. Step Three: plus raw vegetables. Step Four: plus cooked vegetables and natural brown rice. Step Five: plus beans, nuts, seeds. Step Six: plus whole-grain and natural yoghurts. Step Seven: plus fish. First step: only liquid (4 days) Traditionally, withdrawal of toxins begins with simple…

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