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Basic Principle Behind Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss

Basic principle is: if you want to lose weight significantly, all these days you need to have mostly boiled or stewed food, refuse bread consumption and reduce fruit one. The less you eat, the more weight you lose. If you decided to lose weight not too radically, it’s your choice. But do not play by feeding schedule and combination of products. Just increase portion.

Eat three times a day. You can have four meals: if you feel hungry in the morning, eat some fruits between breakfast and lunch. If your working day does not allow you eating on time, eat fruits or drink fruit juice. Fruit and vegetable juices, despite the fact they are liquid, are also considered a food intake.

The best cheap diets strategy for weight loss and weight maintenance is reduction of calorie consumption, while marked increase in physical activity.

Throughout whole 90 days, breakfast is approximately the same (two apples or pears or a glass of berries). Fruits can be combined as you like, but for better digestion you should not mix them. You can eat all fresh and dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and fruit and vegetable juices. Fruit juices should not contain sugar or may contain it in minimum quantities. Drink of fresh lemon is highly recommended.

Choose fruits that are easier to buy during your diet. Exotic fruits can vary your menu from time to time. If you have a juicer, use it.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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