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Cheap 90 Days Diet for Weight Loss

90 Days Diet
90 Days Diet

The purpose of a 90-day separate nutrition diet, in addition to getting rid of excess kilograms, is to change metabolic processes in the body, as assurance that after the diet you can keep weight at achieved level. Therefore, after 90 days of a diet you should eat only fruits for breakfast, and continue eating balanced food, do not forget about right mix of products (divide protein carbohydrate meals) and strict feeding schedule.

If over the next three months, you lose another 3 kgs, this will mean your metabolism has changed. If you stop the diet before, this will not happen.

Diet consists of cycles (4 days).
Day 1 – protein (only meat, meat products and vegetables).
Day 2 – starch (potato, beans, rice, peas, cereals and vegetables).
Day 3 – Lunch can include pasta, pastries, just without milk, a piece of cake for dinner, 3 pieces of small baking and always an edge of black chocolate.
Day 4 – only fruits all day long.

Every day eat for breakfast only fruits, such as 2 apples, 2 pears, lunch – only after 12 AM. Do not eat after 8 PM! Portions are normal at lunch and half for dinner.
After 4 days the cycle is repeated – and so for all three months. The diet is called a 90-day separate nutrition diet.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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