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10 equestrian destinations you must include in your 2018 USA travel list

10 equestrian destinations you must include in your 2018 USA travel list

Horse owners, dedicated horse lovers and horse riding enthusiasts have different choices when it comes to travel and tourism. People with a long-standing love affair with horses need to visit 10 of these destinations mandatory for all US travelers.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

No place gives you a more unique and rustic experience other than the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This region offers the most natural view of the wild Spanish Mustangs along the coast. These are the descendants of the shipwrecked horses that were stranded on the land hundreds of years ago. They are the most majestic results of pure wilderness.

Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Anyone who knows about the Kentucky Derby knows about Churchill Downs. The horse racing aficionados know that this is the first gem and most prestigious race of the Triple Crown Race for Thoroughbreds. Louisville also offers a zip lining and other unique activities for all travelers looking for a little thrill during their travels.

Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Springs has been a haven for horse race enthusiasts and equine lovers since 1847. The place is replete with over 160 years of horse racing culture, history and tradition. In addition to horse races, you can enjoy ballet, theatre, opera, live music, and shopping.

Ocala, Florida

The horse capital of the world, Ocala is home to over 600 farms in Thoroughbreds. You must visit this place at least once for its 500-acre Florida Horse Farm.

Chincoteague, Virginia

Chincoteague is home to the Chincoteague Pony. They reside on the Assateague Island surrounded by rolling green meadows and natural beach vistas.

Greenough, Montana

Greenough offers a rich, luxurious experience to every traveler, who has a taste for the ranch life. Indulge in fly fishing, river rafting, rappelling, paintball fights and hikes apart from the regular horse riding experience.

Florence, Arizona

Have you always dreamt of being a cowboy or a cowgirl? Then you should give Florence, Arizona a try. This place is famous for its rodeo events, equestrian competitions, and the Florence Junior Parada each year.

Waimea, Hawaii

The Waimea horse riding and racing traditions go back to 1832. Although the beef industry is booming here right now, the paniolo horses still draw the wagons.

Aiken, South Carolina

In Aiken, South Carolina, horses have the right of way. This is a place for the true horse lovers. From grocery stores to morning strolls, you can ride your horse to all destinations with complete support from your fellow riders, drivers and traffic systems. It is still the Polo Capital of the World, and it offers breathtaking winter experience for all travelers.

Woodstock, Vermont

Apart from the summer of ’69, Woodstock is famous for its horses and horse ranches. It is indeed the prettiest horse town in the USA. Add the winter sleigh rally and the Fall Dressage Show to the flurry of events every year, and you have the perfect vacation getaway for you and your family.

Throughout the USA, there are hundreds of exclusive locations and sceneries for horse lovers and horse sports lovers. This list picks out the best of the best equestrian experiences for the fine horse rider, lover and racing enthusiast.

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