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Quick Weight Loss Rules Based On Quality Of Food Products

Food For Weight Loss
Food For Weight Loss

As you know, diet and choice of food are main things in weight loss question. Not every woman has clear understanding of it. How to understand that eating is not only good for health, but also helpful in weight loss, and how to identify products that hinder weight loss?

Low-calorie diet is main measure in weight loss process. If caloric intake is equal to your energy consumption or exceeds them, you will not lose weight even under the most strict observance of any other rules. However, there are factors that may either facilitate weight loss, or impede it. One of them is a specific effect of food on metabolism.

Products are different

Different foods have different influence on the two basic processes of metabolism and energy: some of them increase vitality and, consequently, increase energy consumption. Others promote resilience-building processes.

We call products of the first kind ergotropic and second – trophotropic.

Predominance of ergotropic foods gives a clear sense of wakefulness, but preponderance of trophotropic leads to drowsiness.

Products that help lose weight

Products with a strong ergotropic action:
Cottage cheese, kefir, lean fish, coffee, tea, garlic, onion, pepper, buckwheat, millet.

Products of little influence on metabolism and weight loss

More or less neutral foods:
Beef, lamb, soya bean and its products, cereals and pasta, fruits. Bakery products are neutral only if prepared without eggs, milk and yeast, otherwise they have a pronounced trophotropic effect.

Products that impede weight loss

Following foods are most trophotropic:
eggs, milk, pork (especially bacon), white meat of chicken and turkey, a number of vegetables, yeast baking, beverage prepared with use of malt, or yeast.

When combined ergotropic and trophotropic foods somehow “neutralize” each other. Therefore, using kefir, cottage cheese, onion, garlic, black pepper, you can fix a few vegetable dishes, making them suitable for use during a day.

So that body would give up its fat easier, you need to use primarily ergotropic and neutral foods over the course of slimming, and avoid trophotropic ones.

WARNING! If you can not organize yourself a low-calorie diet, which content of trophotropic foods is significantly limited, it is important to observe the requirement of low calorie! ..

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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