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Inflammatory diseases among women – Symptoms and Treatment

In recent years there have been numerous reports of inflammatory diseases in women using intrauterine devices. The risk of fallopian tubes inflammation is 4 times higher for them, this especially concerns nulliparous women.

At present, inflammatory processes in women occur otherwise. There is a tendency to latent disease, ie, just noticeable. A patient is concerned with: discomfort, mild abdominal pain, slight discharge from genital tract. Then, these phenomena dissapear even without treatment. After some time, all repeats. A woman thinks she is not so seriously ill to begin examination and treatment. But in fact, infection does its work. It causes destruction of uterus, fallopian tubes, decreased ovarian function. All this leads to a transition to the chronic form of inflammation, obstruction of fallopian tubes, irregular menstruation, infertility, fibroids.

Identification of inflammatory diseases is possible only during visit to a gynecologist and an educated, thorough examination, with usage of modern methods to detect infections. They use such methods as PCR, immunofluorescence analysis, identification of antibodies to infectious agents in blood, and inoculation from the vagina, cervix on flora and sensitivity to antibiotics.

Treatment of patients with inflammatory diseases is carried out in several stages.

At the beginning of treatment they eradicate an infectious agent. Treatment should be chosen on a strictly individual basis, taking into account the type of infection, patient’s immunity, presence of concomitant diseases.

The second phase of the treatment process is rehabilitation, ie, recovery. Infectious agent caused an inflammatory reaction of the affected organ, changing its functions. If you stop treatment, after the elimination of infection, inflammation goes into a chronic form, and will continue, causing adhesive process, chronic pelvic pain, discomfort during sexual activity and other unpleasant symptoms.

So, it is necessary to continue anti-inflammatory absorbing therapy with the use of physiotherapy techniques (ultrasound, MR therapy, drug electrophoresis), gynecological massage, apply antihomotoxic therapy until complete recovery.

Only such approach to inflammatory diseases treatment allows women not to become chronically ill, not deprives them of happiness to have children, be loved and cherished.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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