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Fat Burning Or Lose Weight Fast – The Theory Behind

As it is known, in order to successfully lose weight, it is necessary to ensure superiority of energy consumption over energy absorption. Since value of energy consumption is different for different people, to lose weight by 3-5% from baseline weight in a month (we do not recommend doing it faster), it is necessary to restrict their calorie diet of different size. In doing so, it, in any case should be less than daily energy consumption by approximately 900 kcal.

How to determine the value of individual energy consumption?

If you can not independently determine your energy consumption, but observe a strict accounting of consumed calories, you can always seek advice in a place of medical treatment. This question is very important, because at the end of slimming course people should engage fully balanced diet, allowing the use of any food. To resolve this problem, knowing the value of average daily energy consumption is practically necessary.

Why you can not lose weight fast?

First, in the process of slimming quite a lot of toxic products are formed. The more intense weight loss is, the more slags are formed. So, while high-speed weight loss represents a threat to health.

Second, when speed of weight loss is significantly bigger than 5% per month, other tissues and organs may fail to adapt to a new situation: atonic skin may become flabby, there will be a risk of vascular disorders etc.

Third, if you lose weight too fast, the body is set to store fat, that is predisposition to adiposity returns.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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