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Are you ready to transcend to higher dimensions?

Are you ready to transcend to higher dimensions?

An article by Archangel Michael on the second and third wave of humanity’s ascension

The change in consciousness from the 3rd dimensional frequency into the 5th dimensional one can be a super-intense experience with some manifested biological symptoms,  some of which include:

  • increased headaches,
  • fatigue,
  • mental confusion,
  • deep emotions and
  • various aches,
  • pains and illness.

This is not something to fear and in every case where we have seen one panic and run to the emergency room, having every major medical test done on their body, the diagnosis is always, “there is nothing wrong with you.”

Your DNA listens to you and can heal you too

We are here to say that you are the programmer and caretaker of this biological vehicle and your DNA listens and executes every spoken word and vibration you give to it so speak to it lovingly and calmly and tell it what you want it to do and it will respond accordingly.

The same thing goes for your every-day life! You tell your life how you want it to be by your words, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and all of your vibrational energy and it shall be made fully manifest with no exceptions, every time.

Manage your own energy

It is a great time  to take full responsibility for managing your own energy properly as an advanced being in every way. So many have a fear of their own power and greatness (fear of the unknown) and its easier for them to pass the controls over to someone else to do the saving and the fixing. This is not the way of the highly evolved being.

Adjusting to the dualities and out-of-sync resonance of these two frequencies (3d and 5d) produces tension on the body, mind and soul in a confusing battle of will in the midst of confusing  3d chaos, war, and disease blended with experiences of incredible 5D beauty and bliss.


Burning of the karmic residue or purging your karmic debts!

This adjustment phase is the period in the evolution from 3D to 5D known as ‘the burning’.   ‘The burning’ is a process one undergoes to literally burn away all karmic residue, clear out all old 3D energies and programs that no longer serve or resonate with the soul and this is where one sheds the body of all lower 3D vibrations that cannot pass into the less-dense 5th dimensional reality.

We want to make it clear that you will continue to exist in 3D to enjoy physical manifestations but you will begin to perceive and operate in 3D from a 5D perspective.. you will be the higher, more advanced, 5D-upgraded version of you as you interact in the 3D matrix.

Higher does not mean ‘better than anyone’, it means more improved, more advanced and less primitive

3d has nothing to do with 5d or the other way around. The only common factor in both dimensions is you. All we say is, “be the higher being, always”. Higher does not mean ‘better than anyone’, it means more improved, more advanced and less primitive. It means more loving and understanding, less judgemental, not attached, non-expectant and  more aware of your multidimensionality and how you are ‘being’ in all of it.

We often hear of and speak about ‘dying’ to the old way of being but this death is not a body death in the 3D-sense and  is better described as dying while you are alive.

While this may sound a bit drastic, it isn’t……think of the caterpillar into a butterfly analogy.. 
The caterpillar literally feels pain as its old DNA- biological form morphs from the inside out and is then reborn as the new beautiful creation.   This is the way it all works in this ascension. The good news is, you don’t die in this body as a 3d human would.   The other good news is the ones who did and do die, did not die completely, only their body ceased to function and they are still very much here and they will meet you again soon as the new beautiful creation they have and will morph into.

In the body or out of the body we cannot say if their evolution is complete. After a perfected level 12 state of awareness is achieved, being in a body or out of one is a free-will choice in this universe!  If the evolution of a being has not reached level 12 (the program for this ascension), they will return into a body as an infant over and over if the body ceases before complete level 12 evolution occurs.. Activating 12 strands of universal DNA is the complete mission for this project.
Sub-project, ‘freedom earth’ is achieved at level 5D (2016) when all earth beings are lifted inside the 5D boundary and then the re-creation of the earth will begin and it shall be made manifest for all beings of earth to see and enjoy.

It is critical that you let go of all need to be in control of everything because as we say, “if one does not embrace the light, it will engluf you”. The more you hold on, the rougher it’s gonna get we assure you this fact. Only in letting go of fear of the unknown do you become free to be able to rapidly achieve the 12 simultaneous states of consciousness matched to this universe. The 3D wave of unconscious humanity will have some major challenges in this area but when it is the time of the grand 3rd wave of ascension, 2/3 of the earth shall maintain a solid 5D core vibration in their bodies on behalf of the humans to assist them in their great task.

Unto this point we have not mentioned the first thing about the 3rd wave of unconscious humanity’s ascension but we will say that if money is gone or electrical power is gone for some reason for a time or any manner of major natural disaster occurs only then will their hearts change and their eyes become open.

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 Author’s Note:

How meditation can help to raise you to higher dimensions  

Inside every human being is the ‘subtle system’ made of the Kundalini shakti, chakras (spinning wheels) and nadis (channels) – i.e. left and right sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. With the grace of a true spiritual master, who has the authority to awaken the dormant Divine energy (Kundalini Shakti or serpent energy) can guide you properly as to how you should go about raising your own selves to higher dimensions.

You may visit to know all about awakening your own divinity.

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