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Psychology of Depression

Depression is the worst phase a human being can encounter in his lifetime. Today there are millions of people suffering from depression at one point of time or the other. In fact it’s quite a natural thing to suffer from depressive thoughts. Anything can trigger depression and experts have opined on this subject saying that…

Becoming a Professional House Painter

House painting is not the same as making portraits with a sleek paint brush. The small bottle changes to a can, the sleek brush changes to a thicker and bigger brush and the canvas changes to the walls of the house you intend to paint. Yes house painting is definitely tough and being a professional…

Detecting poor vision in children

Normally a child should be able to recognize mother and have a social smile by 6-8 weeks of age. If the child has poor vision in both the eyes, then he/she may not recognize the mother or may not respond to the visual stimuli. Once the child starts walking, he/she may frequently bump into objects….

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