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When to begin oral contraception


When can one go for oral contraception

  • The first day of the menstrual bleeding is best
  • Any of the first 7 days after her menstrual bleeding has already stopped, some programs advise avoiding sex or using condoms or spermicide for seven days
  • After she stops breast feeding or 6 months after child birth—whichever comes first
  • 3 to 6 weeks after childbirth. No need to wait for menstrual periods to return to be certain that she is not pregnant

Some important points to remember in order to have a good physical and mental health:

  • Pills can be very effective if taken regularly every day
  • Safe-Serious problems are very rare
  • Please come back or see another health care provider at once if you have severe , constant pain in the chest, leg, or belly, or very bad headaches, if you see flashing lights or zigzag lines, or if your skin or eyes become unusually yellow (jaundice)
  • Pills do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV/ AIDS. If you think you might get an STD, use condoms regularly along with your pills.
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