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When to begin oral contraception

When can one go for oral contraception The first day of the menstrual bleeding is best Any of the first 7 days after her menstrual bleeding has already stopped, some programs advise avoiding sex or using condoms or spermicide for seven days After she stops breast feeding or 6 months after child birth—whichever comes first…

Pros & Cons of Oral Contraceptives to Women’s health

Functioning of the Oral Contraceptives: -Stop ovulation (release of eggs from ovaries) -Also thicken cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to pass through. -They do not work by disrupting existing pregnancy. Advantages to Women’s health :   Very effective when used correctly No need to do anything at time of sexual intercourse Increased sexual…


Two types of female oral contraceptive pill are widely available in health centers and public health departments: The combined oral contraceptive pill contains estrogen and a progestogen, and is taken once per day. The proestogen only pill contains only progestogen, and is also taken once per day. Other types of female oral contraceptive are experimental…

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