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Thai Autistic Kids Are Helped By the Elephant Therapy

In Thailand, elephant therapy is being provided to the autistic Kids as the Resources for autism. Though previously dolphins, horses and dogs were widely used to serve the purpose but the elephant therapy is providing a much better result. This is so because the elephants provide a strong “sensory menu” that is helpful for the autistic kids. Moreover the intelligence of the elephant provides the strong interaction with the humans.

resources for autism

The activities are all designed to provide certain skills. These include buying certain foods for the animal from a sort of mock shop but with the actual payment. Even if the animal rejects the foods, these kids bring the alternative ones and this makes them learn the lesson of flexibility. As per the research states the animals are much more efficient than the human in bringing out the autistic children from their “own world”.

Saithong, the mother of Kuk-kik, a 14-year-old autistic boy made it clear that his little son never used to take part in any of the activities with other children, this is the first time and he was also showing positive result.

It is true that autism cannot be cured, but this therapy can help them to improve their communication skill, learning and will also help them to cope up with other social problems.

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