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Signs of Androgenic Activities revealed in Autistic Individuals

A recent survey conducted on 12 prepubertal children with autistic traits by experts from the psychiatry department revealed a startling truth that took us by surprise. The survey revealed that 4 out of these 12 children showed signs of secondary sexual traits. The observations unveiled peculiar characteristics suggesting intense androgenic activities in autistic children. Such…

Sharing Few Spoken Words by an Autistic

Amazing!! I just came to know how helpful and gentle teachers support their autistic learners to overcome the syndrome. These schools not only educate the helpless individuals to come over autistic behaviors but to develop manners which they lack. The institutions help autistic individuals with speech therapy. The lunch hours and playtime help autism affected…

Activities for Autistic Children help improve their Social Behavior

Autistic children have cognitive dissociative syndrome that shows up within the age of three. Social avoidance comes hand in hand along with other symptoms like avoidance on eye contact, repetitive behavior and several others. Autistic children have difficulties taking part in interactive sessions. Researchers studying spectrum disorder are trying to analyze and assess the types…

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