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Activities for Autistic Children help improve their Social Behavior

Autistic children have cognitive dissociative syndrome that shows up within the age of three. Social avoidance comes hand in hand along with other symptoms like avoidance on eye contact, repetitive behavior and several others. Autistic children have difficulties taking part in interactive sessions. Researchers studying spectrum disorder are trying to analyze and assess the types of activities most preferred by children with autism. They first studied the activities in which these little children showed much interest which also had correlations with social avoidance. However the results have startled many with the negative correlation that exists between Activities for Autistic Children and social avoidance.

Activities for Autistic Children

However these experts came to the conclusion that social avoidance in autistic children could be altered with the help of CPA (child preferred activities). A reversal design is required for such change. Children who were inspired to take part in activities started showing signs of improvements. The redesigned model was planed keeping in mind of the fact that these children need to be social.

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