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Alternative Medicine – AYURVEDA

Ayurveda, the ‘science of life’ is a system of traditional medicine native to India, and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine used to heal both physical and mental health. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda comprises the words āyus, meaning ‘life’ and veda, meaning ‘science’. Evolving throughout its history,…

Alternative Medicine – A Remedy for Many Ailments.

  There is a growing realization that, contrary to previously held beliefs, conventional medicine (the medicine that most people are familiar with: antibiotics, surgery, etc.) cannot solve all of our health problems. And that this system of medicine is giving as many problems as it is solving. There is a growing acceptance that health is…

Natural Health Supplements For A Healthier You

There are several health food nutrition distributors and dietary supplement manufacturers in the market selling and promising health building and age reversing supplements like for example resveratrol supplements etc. but the question is who to choose and how to choose.When it comes to your health, you should definitely be very wary of where you get…

Benefits of homeopathy medicine

Homeopathy medicine is curative, safe, holistic, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and can be used in conjunction with regular medicine. Homeopathy treats many medical problems and other diseases successfully with remedies and without doctor’s medical intervention. Some of those diseases are: Asthma Allergy Anxiety Arthritis Chronic fatigue Cholera Depression Eczema Insomnia Kidney stone Measles Mumps Pi

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