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ROHINI NAKSHATRA or Aldebaran Rohini is ruled by Prajapati, the Creator. Of the 27 daughters, Rohini was the Moon’s favorite wife. This is the fourth nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Moon. It spreads from 10°-0′ in Vrishabha to 23°-20′ in Vrishabha. Eyes of the people born in this nakshatra are especially attractive….

Know about Nakshatra or constellation or lunar mansions

Know about  Nakshatra or constellation or lunar mansions A constellation is a group of stars which form a fixed pattern. The zodiac according to Indian Astrology comprises of 360 degrees. There are 27 Nakshatras or constellations in it. Therefore, the value of each constellation is 13 degrees and 20 minutes when measured from the fixed initial point….

The PISCES Child – Feb 20th to March 20th

The PISCES Child  – He came straight from fairyland, clutching a moonbeam. Most babies, as everyone knows, were found under a cabbage leaf. A few are carried in that long diaper, hanging from the stork’s bill or were brought to the hospital in the doctor’s black bag. Not your little Pisces child. He came straight…

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