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The PISCES Child – Feb 20th to March 20th

The PISCES Child  – He came straight from fairyland, clutching a moonbeam. Most babies, as everyone knows, were found under a cabbage leaf. A few are carried in that long diaper, hanging from the stork’s bill or were brought to the hospital in the doctor’s black bag. Not your little Pisces child. He came straight…


The PISCES Woman – How to recognize a Pisces Woman? Excerpts from Linda Goodman She’s every man’s grade school valentine! Even without astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of a Pisces female. She has her negative points, to be sure, but at first glance she’s every man’s grade school valentine, with maybe just a touch

The PISCES Man – February 20 to March 20

The PISCES Man – How to recognize a Pisces Man? Excerpts from Linda Goodman If you’re about to fall over the dam for a Neptunian, you should paste those lines on your compact mirror, where you can see them every time you powder your nose. They may possibly make or break your future, not to mention…

Astrological Significance: Last Supper Zodiac Signs

Astrological Significance: Last Supper Zodiac Signs Last Supper on Da Vince’s Perspectives The Last Supper is an event related to the texts of the News Testament; that reports the last set of instructions given by Christ to his disciples and apostles. It is during this ceremonial occasion that a new Covenant  is established. The Last…

What does Age of Aquarius mean?

What does Age of Aquarius mean? “What lies ahead for Humanity? With all the problems we have, it’s hard to believe our future is bright. Inflation and recession, environmental deterioration, diminishing resources, unrest and oppression in developing countries, and apathy, loneliness and lack of direction in developed ones all combine to severely cloud the