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Why should duplication of CDs be made eco-friendly?

Duplication of compact discs have become a profitable business especially for the optical media firm. These firms generally buy low priced CDs for duplication purpose. The task is complete only once the data is burned on the CDs and turnover it for the clients. However, there are a few contributing factors which the disc duplication companies should keep in mind in order to make duplication environment friendly.

What are the factors contributing in making duplication of CDs eco-friendly?

Trend change:

The environment  pollution awareness is rapidly growing with the passage of time. This has an impact on the business of the compact disc duplication. This trend change in the process of duplication of CDs is conspicuous. Various creative guidelines and instructions have been set for the packaging and duplication of CDs in order to keep the quality and to handle the pollution level on trashed CDs and DVDs.The majority of the media firms prefers ecological CD packaging and printing as one of the major aspects of the disc duplication business.

Environmental friendly CD packaging:

Earlier the CDs and the DVDs are commonly stored in jewel cases post their duplication. But gradually due to the environmental issues it is recommendable to use those packaging materials which can be recycled. Most of the CD duplication firms present  the CDs and the DVDs that are intelligently developed. CD sleeves and CD jackets that are made from papers and cardboards are manufactured from recycled fibres. Now the question arises, many people will not be satisfied with the durability and the sturdiness of the paper and cardboard. But a good compact disc duplication firm will always make an effort to improvise appropriate ideas to make cardboard CD sleeves and cases to protect the data stored in the CD and provide a long shelf life. Therefore recycled materials used for packaging CDs will never lose its utility and beauty. Another advantage of eco-friendly CD sleeves is that they are less heavy than the jewel cases which in turn save money on shipping bulk orders.

Sustainable CD printing:

Duplication of CDs remain incomplete if there are no labels on it.Customary  label printing requires ink that contains petrol based chemicals.But today, the CD duplication companies prefer to use ink that is made from soy and vegetable extracts. Printing is not a difficult task nowadays as there are printers that use vegetable based inks for printing CDs. These eco-friendly printers are equally effective in maintaining the high quality prints provided from the distinctive CD label printers.

Therefore it is always advisable to use recycled materials for CD duplication.Appreciations to the technical inputs, new machinery and replication services facilitates the manufacturers to get their job done in no time. The services of the CD duplication are sought by local musicians, media enterprises, amateursingers. Music companies and even students for different projects and requirements. They offer  both short run as well as long run CD duplication services. Short run duplication of CDs means  projects demanding CDs upto500 or less and long run Duplication demand CDs more than 500.

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