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Computer Repairs Melbourne rectifies problems instantly

Computer Repairs Melbourne – MLK Computing is a leading Information Technology Support Center that specializes in offering reasonably priced professional IT Services for home based as well as business clientele ever since its inception several years ago. Apart from providing same day on the spot repairing of computers and peripherals in Melbourne and surrounding areas, we also offer hardware and software support for our esteemed customers on top  priority basis.  In addition, our services cover system setup, IT training, eradication of spyware, malware and other computer infecting viruses as also solving internet connectivity problems. We also specialize in solving cloud computing problems for our clients who have explicit faith in us. Since we work on ‘NO FIX, NO FEE’ principle, you may reasonably depend on our ability to solve your problem within the shortest possible time. Moreover, our services are available 24 x 7 and as such your downtime will never go beyond a few hours at the maximum.

Computer Repairs Melbourne – MLK Computing also undertakes repairing and upgrading  of PCs, Laptops, Macs and other types and brands of computers for residential as well as business house computers and peripherals on a regular basis. While most of these jobs are carried out onsite, in some cases, the problems are located remotely and also rectified in the same way. However, if any part or component is found faulty, the same is replaced by our engineers who are deputed specially to install the new part or component, check the performance of the equipment and leave the customer premises only after the client is fully satisfied.  In the event of the problem reappearing again, our service engineers are reappointed to set it right at no extra cost – no matter how many extra hours it might take for the unit to function perfectly.

Incidentally, Computer Repairs MelbourneMLK Computing also extends its services to include the following.

1)      Checking and solving Operating System problems.

2)      Checking and fixing problems relating to RAM, Hard Disks, Graphic Card and other vital components installed in computers.

3)      PC customization.

4)      Addition /deletion of software.

5)      Performance optimization of PCs, Laptops, Macs, etc.

6)      Printer software/ driver problem rectification

7)      Partitioning and formatting

8)      Monitor problem fixing and any other problem encountered by the customer.

In short, Computer Repairs MelbourneMLK Computing is ever ready to attend to all your computer related problems while ensuring best services at all times.


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