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The Chilling Options of Coolers to Beat the Heat

There are several ways to beat the summer heat. After a long day in the sun, you will surely look for a fine glass of coolers to feel a little chilled from inside. Here are four never failing recipes of coolers to beat the heat in the smartest possible way.


In Italy, it is a trend to serve a Sgroppino after dinner. This amazing cooler with a fine balance of alcohol and lemon helps break down all the high calorie food you gorge on throughout the evening. The recipe can vary a lot depending on where you have ordered it from. But primarily the recipe consists of prosecco, lemon sorbet and vodka. In Venice, Fruili ( a blend of sorbet and vodka is used to make the drink).

Tropical Itch:

This is a never failing potion for cooling down your nerves in the hottest of summers. The drink is made with vodka. light rum, Grand Marnier, orange curacao and passion fruits. The clear orange colored drink was invented by the famous bartender of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Mr. Harry Yee. Later on, he went on to create a number of other drinks that became famous.


This drink is named after a Cuban town where it got invented. It is said that Daiquiri was invented by the Cuban doctors and American miners. Different frozen and fruity variants of this particular drink were invented later in many countries. The basic ingredients of the drink are light rum, lime juice and sugar. The trick of making the finest Daiquiri lies in the art of shaking. All the ingredients must be mixed well inside a shaker and then shaken well along with ice cubes.


A tall glass of turbinado has a very layered taste. Brugel Anejo, demerara syrup, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters and ginger beer are all poured in a shaker. After blending all ingredients together, it is served in a tall glass, on top of crushed ice. A sprig of mint is the best for garnishing the drink.

You can make your own choice of cooler at home. But, it is better to take expert’s advice before mixing in alcohol to your drink. Measurement becomes an important factor about mixing alcohol to the coolers. If you make a mistake, the entire glass might get ruined.


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