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Eating Broccoli is Extremely Beneficial for Your Health


A part of the Cruciferae family, broccoli has its origin in Italy almost 2,000 years ago. The name itself is derived from the Italian word “broccolo” which means – the flowering top of a cabbage. Broccoli closely resembles cauliflower in appearance, but the stalks and the large flower heads are green in color. Broccoli is normally eaten steamed or boiled, and its leaves are edible too.

Eaten alone or consumed with other products, broccoli has become one of the most edible vegetables in the world. This is because broccoli consumption is very good in order to have a healthy life. Let us look into the benefits of eating broccoli in details.

#1. Prevents Cancer: Our bodies process the glucoraphanin present in broccoli into sulforaphane. Sulforaphane helps the body to get rid of Helicobacter pylori and decrease the risk of gastric cancer. Moreover, the Indole-3-carbinol present in broccoli helps in preventing cervical, prostrate and breast cancer.

#2. Better Nervous System: The high amount of potassium present in broccoli in helpful in making the nervous system work more efficiently. Getting directly affected by a healthy nervous system, the brain also starts working at its optimal capacity.

#3. Bone Health & Blood Pressure: Along with the high amount of potassium, broccoli is also super-rich in calcium and magnesium. This magnesium and calcium present in broccoli helps in regulating the blood pressure. The calcium also improves the health of the bones of your body and prevents osteoporosis.

#4. Powerful Antioxidant & Detox: Broccoli is also rich in beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and carotenoid lutein which are powerful antioxidants. Glucobrassicin, gluconasturtiin and glucoraphanin present in broccoli regulates the detox process and helps in getting rid of the unwanted contaminants.

#5. Heart & Eye Health: The carotenoid lutein present in broccoli keeps in check the thickening of arteries. The B6 and folate content helps in fighting against heart diseases and heart attacks. Similarly, Vitamin A and carotenoid lutein in broccoli prevents cataracts and macular degeneration in the eye.

You can no longer turn away from eating broccoli if your taste-buds do not like it. There is no denying the fact that the health benefits acquired from broccoli is massive. It’s never too late though – include broccoli in your diet and live a healthy life.

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