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Swollen Gums – Signs, Symptoms And Dangers

Swollen gums occur mainly due to bacterial inflammation inside the mouth. Presence of a pre-existing disease might evoke similar response. These could be initial symptoms of more serious gum diseases that are likely to develop like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. If you find your gums swelling up you should treat them immediately. Ignorance would only lead to major complications pushing the minor ailments to more chronic stage.


There are several symptoms associated with swollen gums. The major ones are given below.


Inflammation and swollen gums usually occur together. If your mouth contains bacteria, it will inflame your gums causing them to swell up.

Receding Gums

Your gums would back away from your teeth. This would create space between the base of your teeth and the gum line. You teeth would also appear longer than they normally are.


You will feel a constant sting in your gums. While eating food, this pain may increase even more and you might have difficulty in chewing and swallowing.

Teeth Spaces

If your swollen gums are left untreated, then spaces may appear between your teeth. If this happens towards the front, your physical appearance might also be affected.

Bad Taste

Swollen gums are often accompanied with bad taste. You may be eating your favorite dishes, but you will still not like their taste.

Bad Breath

Bad breath or Halitosis is a symptom of several oral diseases. So it is not solely linked to swollen gums. Still if your mouth gives off an unwanted smell, then you are probably suffering from a gum disease of some sort even if it is not this.


If upon touching your gums, they appear soft and tender, then your gums may be infected.

Bleeding While Brushing

This is a common symptom associated with unhealthy gums and serves as a warning sign.


If your gums are swollen, they will appear to be reddish dark in color. On the other hand, healthy gums are of pale pinkish shade. This symptom is actually a great way to diagnose the condition.


Some patients who suffer from swollen gums might also find their mouth becoming sore.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, then you should seek professional dental care immediately so that you don’t run the risk to any undesirable complications.


There are several dangers associated with swollen gums, which is why you should get them treated immediately. Prolonging this might result in severe and unwanted consequences.


If you are suffering from an oral disease, your blood sugar levels rises. Bringing it back down to the normal range becomes a little difficult until your disease is cured completely.

Cardiovascular Disease

Studies show that cardiac problems such as stroke, heart attacks, blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels can be caused due to swollen gums and other oral diseases. The bacteria in your mouth can move down to your cardiovascular system making you more vulnerable to cardiac problems.


Weight gain and swollen gums have an irresolvable link.

Premature Births

If your gums become swollen and you suffer from oral diseases while you are pregnant, chances of premature birth increase.

The Bottom Line

As already mentioned, there are several serious medical conditions associated with swollen gum. As such, you should get your gums treated as early as possible. Visit your dentist and he would be able to tell you effective cures pertaining to your individual situation. Once your gums become healthy, take precautionary measures which can prevent oral diseases of any sort.


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