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Reasons For Which High-Speed Internet Connection Can Often Become Slow

The World Wide Web, commonly know as the Internet, is a technological system where different networking integrations communicate and exchange information between themselves to provide an adequate informational page for the specific search query that has been entered into the search box. Many a times, Internet users face the problem of timed-out page connections that result from slow connectivity. Some of the main reasons for slow connectivity are stated below.

1)The hardware that is used to connect the machine to the electrical socket in the wall is of poor and inferior quality.

2)The modem-router might be configured incorrectly.

3)Leeching of Internet connection is a common offense committed by people and neighbors who wish to avail of the service without incurring any expenditure. Such activities of trespassing can result in the slowing down of connection and Internet speed.

4)An outdated Network Interface Card(NIC) can also result in slow and sluggish connectivity.

5)Malwares and Spywares that lodge themselves into computer programs may also cause the speed to slow down as they tend to secretly consume much bandwidth.

6)Users are often unaware of a download that is taking place as a result of which there is substantial slowing down of the speed of the Internet connection.

7)The Internet Service Provider, or ISP, might be facing difficulties while routing signals and services to customers and clients.

8)The tables of the Domain Name System, or DNS may be outdated, as a result of which signals get routed to wrong addresses on the ISP network.

9)The cache of the browser memory might be completely full, as a result of which the browser has to slow down to a great extent to accommodate the data in the limited space that is available on the hard disk.

10)Microwaves and radio devices may often be sources of hindrance to the smooth functionality of wireless Internet connections.

11)Computers that are older than three years fail to generate electrons that are as fast as modern website pages.

12)If there are too many windows that are running simultaneously on a screen, then they might result in the clogging of the CPU which in turn will cause the speed of the Internet to slow down.

13)Sometimes, a Mac or Windows dialog box might be awaiting a no or yes reply input, and if left unattended for too long, then it might result in slowing down the speed of the Internet to a massive extent.


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