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Walk While Talking to Your Shoes

Shoes that talk. It can sound weired. But, Google has made it possible. You have seen several wearable gadgets so far. Google has already come up with glasses that allow you computing. Apple’s iWatch is a soon to be reality. But, this time computing has moved to a new direction. Now, your shoes can talk and do other tasks that a computer does in no time. Google, in collaboration with Adidas, displayed this amazing new computing tool in SXSW this year.

This new smart shoe does more than just walking. These are high-kick shoes from the house of Adidas. Your shoes probably have tongues, but this shoe has a tongue that even talks. Leif Percifield, the developer of the idea planned to impart life to these otherwise innocent looking inanimate objects. The shoe gives you feedback and motivates you through your walks. That is why they have strapped a speaker to its tongue.

Have you ever thought about the option of having your physical trainer just beside you, all the day, all along your way? This pair created by Adidas and Google is literally your trainer that helps you to be on the right track during the procedure of your physical training. This particular pair is built with pressure sensor, gyro and accelerometer embedded inside its sole. This has got all the information regarding your physical training sessions. At the time of running, walking or just moving, it collects information about you and spit them out at you. No matter whether you are moving fast or slow, it will give you an idea of at what speed you are moving.

Percifield says, it gathers enough information to tell you whether you are running, walking at a slow or fast speed. Their intention was to impart a personality to the shoes. They added phrases after developing its personality. Apart from talking to you, it also gets engaged in communication with the wearer’s social network.

Percifield was serious while he was saying that this shoe has been given a personality of its own. Blue-tooth connects you to an app that informs you and your friends about your progress. On top of that, your friends get to know how well you treat your shoes. This is not enough. This shoes instructs you and gives you suggestions. When you remain idle for long, it warns you against that. It also suggests you to go for a run or play basketball.

If you think that you have had enough, Percifield will inform you that it does not contain even half of the features they have plans to add to it. So, the best is yet to come. Just keep your feet ready for more fun and of course, more exercise. It does not do any form of data storage. The product only offers the benefit of real time feedback.


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