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Tips for Getting Great Looking and Healthy Bleached Hair

Platinum blonde, two tone hair or highlights, you can choose any of these bleached looks as all of them are in. But, it is important to take good care of bleached hair as the process of bleaching has damaging effect on hair shafts. Bleached hair demands extra care in comparison with that offered to normal hair. Styling your hair with dyes can make you look completely different from what you look like with your normal hair color. But, the process of bleaching can make your hair dry and damaged. The damaging process can be checked to a certain extent by following a few simple hair care tips.

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Save it from Chlorine:

A swimming cap can offer an effective shield to bleached hair from excessive chlorine present in water. It is important to choose a good quality anti-chlorine shampoo for cleaning hair. Wearing a cap before going into the pool is a must.

Use a Mild Shampoo:

No matter how much trust you have for your old shampoo, after bleaching, you might need to change it for the good. Do enough research on internet or ask your friends about the mildest of shampoos that won’t leave your hair dry. Do not rinse your hair with shampoo if not absolutely required. Make sure you use an extra mild conditioner every time you apply shampoo.

Save it from Heat:

It is important to limit the use of different styling equipments like, curling iron, hair-straightners and blow dryer after you bleach your hair. Using such things can further damage your already dry and damaged strands. Saving your hair from heating instruments is not enough. It is important to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or hot water. Try to use cold or at least lukewarm water every time you wash your hair.

Regularly Nourish it:

Maintaining a regular haircare routine and applying a nourishing mask can reverse the damaging effect to a great deal. The mask should be applied at least once a week or month depending on the quality of your hair.

Go to a Professional Colorist:

Most of the damaging effects of bleaching can be avoided by going to a professional colorist. There you get good quality products and enough information about after-care of hair. Do enough research on the hair dyes and buy the best quality products when planning to do it at home. Stick to the well known brands for safe coloring.

It is not enough to flaunt your colored strands. Beautiful blonde, hot auburn or orange hair won’t look stylish unless your hair is in good health. Hopefully these tips can save your hair from further damage that you can flaunt healthy looking bleached hair.

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