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Long hair care tips to look stunning

Long Hair Tresses

Hectic work life takes a toll on our health. In order to possess glowing and healthy hair strands you need to work on it following all kinds of toning, cleansing and conditioning methods. Does long hair means extra care? Long hair strands are not too easy to manage; therefore there is a constant need for long hair care. Moreover lengthier strands tend to get tangled if left untied and uncared for. It’s definitely not a too good sight to see your hair strands come off as you try to comb your long tresses.

First of all it’s important that you cleanse your hair regularly. Regular shampooing helps get rid of dirt that accumulates while you are out.  However it’s important that you choose shampoos that suit your hair type. You’ll find a wide range of natural and chemical constituents present in the shampoo. While some shampoos are high in chemical contents others aren’t. You should try using shampoos that are gentle for your hair.

Here are natural long hair care tips for cleaner and healthier tresses:


  • Massage you scalp with lemon juice and keep it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse it with cold water.
  • You can even apply some lemon juice with onion juice. This leaves your hair healthier and shinier.


Hair toning is as important as hair cleansing. Gooseberries are wonderful fruits which help nourish your hair from within plus stimulating blood circulation at the roots of your strands. Soak gooseberries in water all night long. Now rinse your hair with this solution the next day. You’ll find change in a few days.




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