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How to Build a Home Bar

Building a home bar is a process that takes a lot of time and effort, but that is also incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. It is one area where your creativity and sense of what defines you really have a time to shine. If you think about it, developing your home bar and choosing everything from the sink to the kegerator to the beer dispensers gives you a unique opportunity to convey your tastes, both beverage and design related, to your family and friends – and, if you’re a commercial bar owner, to the world!

Building a home bar is an exciting task and an exciting time, in short. However, it’s important to keep a good list of what you’ll need and to understand the resources you have at your disposal to be successful in truly creating the bar area of your dreams. One of the best resources you have available outside of your own creativity and the opinions of those you trust is Beverage Time. The website we have put together, along with our highly knowledgeable and reachable team of beverage experts, can assist you throughout the entire process of building your home bar.

The best place to start for novices – those who have never built a home bar before – is to purchase a kegerator. The size and number of the kegerators that you choose will help you to design the rest of the space, so it’s good to think about how many beers you want to have on tap. Picking the number of beer kegerator or kegerators you desire will reflect how many beers you are ultimately able to offer your guests.

After you’ve made a decision on how many kegerators you want and have determined what kegerator kits you need, you can move on to figuring our what kind of beer dispenser system you’d like. Beverage Time has a wide array of dispensers ranging from rustic and Old World-influences to sleek and modern that can reflect the exact type of home bar you dream of building. Choosing dispensers can help you determine what kind of counter, bar stools, and even faucet and décor you wish to include in the bar area.

Before putting together the final schematics for the bar, you should also consider if you want to include a wine cooler refrigerator, or a refrigerator for mixers and liquors. After you’ve figured out where everything will go, it’s time to get building and put the finishing touches together. When it comes down to choosing home bar supplies, you’ll have a great vision of what the final product of your project will look like.

Happy drinking! We hope you enjoy every moment in your new home bar area. Be sure to get in touch with BeverageTime at with any questions. The experts on our team are there to help you ensure that all the products you select are of the highest quality, and that everything you order fits together to create an entirely satisfying home bar experience for you, your family, your friends, and your guests.


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