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A Holistic Approach To Overcome Stress

How to overcome stress?

Medical science has nothing to offer to combat the dreadful effects of stress except tranquilizers, habit forming toxic drugs, etc. Every and any event we face can bring us into a challenging and a threatening situation. Thus stress is an inner reaction rather than an outer phenomenon.


To be really stress free we have to develop SELF-AWARENESS. The knowledge of our self: Its likes and dislikes, its harmony and conflicts. The key for gaining self-awareness lies in a process of shifting one’s focus from the external environment to internal makeup, including physical, emotional and spiritual system.

How to achieve Self-Awareness to overcome stress?

Meditation is the best relaxation technique and the accepted solution all over the world to combat stress effectively. Sahaja Yoga, a highly developed and unique system of meditation, enables the person to reach a level of complete self-awareness.

Help through Sahaja Yoga to overcome stress

Sahaja Yoga works on awakening of primordial energy within us called Kundalini. When the Kundalini rises and crosses the sixth energy centre, it brings us into a state of thoughtless-awareness (no distracting thoughts from future or past are bombarding the mind).

All conflicts residing in the mind that create stress, evaporate. We enter into a state of peace within, remaining completely in the present and aware of everything around us.

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