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What Happens When The Kundalini Reaches The Sahasrara?

When Kundalini reaches Sahasrara, the lotus petals open and enlightenment (samadhi) takes place. You may feel a powerful pulsation in the crown of the head, followed by a melting sensation and a flow of cool vibrations from the fontanele bone area. This is the baptism by which you know you are truly born again.

In the sahasrara, the whole instrument is integrated. Each chakra has its place here.  Only now do we go beyond the relative, above the three gunas (channels), and into the absolute realisation of heaven on earth.

Following processes are experienced:

Vibratory awareness begins now.

  • As Kundalini unites our individual consciousness to the universal, the atma to the paramatma, we are suddenly tuned in to the universal wavelength of vibrations.
  • These vibrations Pervade the cosmos, but before realisation, while we are still in the egg, we know nothing of them.
  • When Kundalini breaks the shell, we emerge into God’s kingdom, the collective unconscious, and we are singing the song of the unconscious, with the vibrations playing through the divine musical instrument which we have become.

We move into the subtlest level of communication, into collective consciousness

As human awareness is united to the divine, we move into the subtlest level of communication, into collective consciousness. In becoming vessels for that universal power we become one with all the other vessels. We learn to appreciate the real depth and beauty of another person in vibrations. The beauty of art and nature now manifests itself as vibrations. We no longer judge on opinions, but on vibrations. Just ask the question and a positive answer comes as a flow of cool vibrations. Sit for meditation, awaken your spiritual energy and feel the vibrations. It is conversation at its most sublime.

If you have not received your realization, now is the time to take the step forward and get the experience.

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