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Facebook Can Jumpstart HTML5 Platform with App Bookmarks on News Feed

The late-comer HTML5 mobile application platform of Facebook is lagging behind the Android marketplace and the Apple APP Store. Now Facebook has planned to dump HTML5 application bookmarks at the foot of its mobile website’s pull-out navigation menu and show them only in the Android Facebook and iOS application’s search bar. The initial step to attract developers to this platform and earn revenues can happen if the apps are placed on the top of mobile home page. Through Facebook mobile app platform which was launched in October, the social networks can earn handsome revenue through in-app payments and has a 30% tax on it. The applications run through internal web browser within Android apps and iOS is allowing it to evade Google and Apple’s tax. But the platform has not gained enough footing with users and developers. HTML5 needs time enough to mature before it can expertly handle the most advanced native apps. There are no advertisements to endorse the third-party apps within Facebook mobile apps and HTML5 site as the users are not installing them.

Facebook has been pulling its punches and it has millions of active mobile daily users who view the news feed first where the bookmarks are being tested. Facebook is expected to test to track whether the users click these bookmarks and if news feed engagement is decreased with their presence. If Facebook can attract more eyeballs on third-party app bookmarks keeping up the user experience, it can battle against Google and Apple’s mobile platform.


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