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Compulsions behind Oxygen Therapy

Mother earth is the only living planet because of oxygen which supports life. Since ages, oxygen is regarded as a major source of healing. Today even a five year old can say that this gas responsible for growth and life. Growth of cells is sustained by oxygen. Researchers have studied wound healing is facilitated with the help of oxygen therapy. Today even chronic wounds can be healed with the help of topical HBOT treatments. Topical oxygen therapy helps growth of blood vessels which feeds the wound area with oxygenated blood; thus triggering fast healing of the wound. The healing process begins with further granulation of tissues fed with oxygen which actually leads to growth of greater tensile collagen.

hyperbaric community

The hyperbaric community specially makes use of this pure oxygen therapy which also has the power to act as a bactericidal for all anaerobic bacteria. Topical hyperbaric oxygen helps feed the wound directly with pure oxygen.


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