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Can a certificate certify that you possess a strong personality?

Personality Development – How and when it starts to develop?

My dear readers!

Today let us discuss this most and often discussed topic on Personality development. Although I have already covered a lot on this but I guess this is an unending topic of discussion – so let me also continue with discussing ‘Personality Development’.

What is this personality Development all about?

It is made of 2 words – Personal + Qualities – ie. Your set of personal qualities make your personality.

How to develop it?

Honestly speaking, it is more of a spontaneous process – it develops itself – based on the set of experiences you  go through ie. incidents that you encounter in your life – some can  make you bitter and some can make you better! Plus your interactivity with your kith and kin, friends and the environment you live in.

Then why have the term ‘Personality Development’?

Basically the complete term should be ‘Positive Personality Development’ – but the people who coined the term never thought that anyone would like to develop into a ‘Negative personality’!

Obviously! Why would anyone want to develop a ‘Negative Personality’?   

As I started with saying – quoting myself ‘it is more of a spontaneous process – it develops itself…

So what happens in a ‘Personality Development’ class?

Well, what should ideally happen in such a class is that one should be made to identify his or her negative set of qualities – curb them and cultivate the positive qualities. And if a person already has positive qualities – he should strengthen them further.

Who will identify the set of qualities for the pupil?

The pupil himself. No one else can understand why a person behaves the way he does. Only he understands and only he can cure himself – only if he wants to.

But then this kind of an approach becomes very arbitrary! How and who will know whether the personality has changed or whether the person has benefitted from such classes?

The one who benefits from becoming a strong positive personality is the person himself. There is nothing to certify him about his own personality! Like a piece of paper given to him at the end of a semester telling him that he is now a strong personality is rather hilarious! There are qualitative questionnaires that leads a person to understand about him or her…so what next? Let’s say I appear in some such personality test and the result shows that I am lazy, capricious, indecisive – or whatever! So what next? How will I make myself active, methodical and very decisive?

So there is nothing one can do to develop into a positive personality?

Of course there is…….in my next post!- Transform Yourself in a Jiffy


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