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How to improve World Health?

How to improve World Health?

The topic should be ideally – How to improve world health, wealth, vitality and well-being …plus much more!!

You must have read my previous write ups regarding the subtle energy centers (chakras or energy wheels) that we have in our system and the dormant spiritual energy – called the Kundalini Shakti that lies coiled at the base of our spine. And I have also written elaborately on how, with the grace of a True Spiritual Master, the spiritual energy can be awakened that connects us to the Great Divine Being. We get our self-realization through this process.


Mother Earth too has the same subtle system!

Yes folks, the diagram  given above shows the positions of various energy centers on Mother Earth! So folks, just like when a single organ or system in our body becomes sick or infected, the entire body suffers for it…similarly, if any country or nation suffers for whatever reason, the entire subtle system of the world is thrown out of gear! Result – Unrest and obstruction in further growth and development!

Hope you understand the significance of the World Subtle system.

Will post more on this topic.

Stay Tuned!


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