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Your All Round Personality Development – Is possible from scratch!

Your All Round Personality Development – Is possible from scratch!

 Yes folks, what you just read in the topic is true!

Whatever you are, whoever you are, whatever is your age –  18 or 80 plus – your personality can change in a jiffy – of course only if you are open to the change that I am just going to talk about.

 Know who you are and be confident about the knowledge.

You are not just a physical body or even a mental being – but a wholesome Organism with unlimited powers!

When we take birth, there are many things that decide our journey on Planet Earth! In my previous article on Personality Development I wrote that ‘ your set of experiences’ decide the kind of personality you develop. Let me elaborate on it a wee bit further please – it is like ‘ your set of experiences that you have accumulated in all your past lives as well’!!!

Shocked!? Well don’t’ be – it is basically only too logical folks! How else would you justify your birth with a ‘silver spoon in the mouth’ whereas someone else’s birth with ‘no-spoon at all’ all life? So in comes your set of ‘karmas’ too to decide upon your destiny…and your personality!

All Is Lost?

No, all is not lost. The creator has thought of a solution too – our way out of the rigmarole!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Technique

Yes, this is it. Let me explain in a layman’s language.

There is this ‘coiled filament’ within our bodies known as ‘serpent energy’ (hang on – don’t be afraid of the term ‘serpent’ – nothing poisonous or passionate about it – very subtle and sublime in fact!) – it got the name ‘serpent’ because of its coiled appearance. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Kundalini Shakti’ – as coined by the ancient sages and seers in the spiritual land of India.

The 'Coiled Filament' present at the base of our spine.
The ‘Coiled Filament’ present at the base of our spine.

So this ‘coiled filament’ is like a tape recorder that keeps a  record of all our past lives. (yea…I forgot to ask you to tie your safety belts..sorry for that!). Kundalini has been our true mate in fact – been with us all our lives! She is divine in nature. She keeps the key to heal us – totally and absolutely. Completely.

So how do we use this ‘key’ to our development?

Since I said She is divine in nature, so only some divine personality can make it rise and cleanse you and heal you completely …and then even reward you with all kinds of spiritual powers…all kinds that we have read in fairy tales!

Where do we find such a Divine Personality or Spiritual  Master?

People find when their time comes. When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

If you are reading this article, well, maybe your time to meet the spiritual master has come.

For the rest – visit the site and find out about how to awaken the divine spiritual energy within and get all those blessings that you had probably dreamt of since your infanthood!



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