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5 easy steps to get hot smoky eyes- gift for you girls!

Remember Angelina Jolie in The Tourist? Wasn’t she gorgeous? The smoky eyes and glossy red puckers, oh ! they can make men run for their life. Glossy eyes look stunning and women love them. You can dazzle in an evening party or cast a spell on your fist date, all with the biggest weapon- a beautifully done pair of smoky eyes. Now, many of us fall off the couch thinking about the hardships required to it perfectly. Well, its easy but equally easily things can go wrong if you do not take proper care. Here’s a list of easy going steps to reach you there!


Step 1. Clean up the canvas

Remove every little hint of make up remaining from the previous time. Any blackish tinge from before is sternly unwanted. A flawless glowing facial skin brightens up the eye contour, so wash your face clean, apply foundation in sync with your skin tone and get your base ready where you can draw your eyes with keen perfection.


Step 2. Blend it like butter

Smoky eyes doesn’t necessarily force you to choose black. You can go for rapturous shades of blue, Grey, brown or settle for the all time favorite black. Smoky eye means a lingering touch and for that there has to be a beautifully blended continuity. Choose the dominant color and a shadow of the same pallet and lets get rolling! Start darkening the skin around your eyeballs smoothly. Apply the darkest color to the farthest exterior, now gradually fill in the lighter colors keeping the brightest for the accent. Once you are done choosing and applying it, go for the most important job. Blend it lightly but smoothly. No sharp lines should me marking the different colors you’ve used. A perfect jamboree comes from a perfect finishing!


Step 3. Define it sharp

All that smooth blending is fine but they serve no purpose if it lacks an acute definition. Remember you have to make your eyes look dramatic, it should be blurry yet bright, smoky yet sharply defined. So use a good eye-liner or eye pencil to frame the lines rightly. That will immediately light up your eyes.

Step 4. Volumizing!

Now this is the key to the whole new pair of gorgeous eyes you are about to gift yourself! Mascara is the prime ingredient of the recipe and make sure you choose the right brand and use the right strokes for your lashes. They look fuller, thicker making your eyes look more intense, seductive and full of drama. Remember to pick a waterproof one for reasons well known.


Step 5. Quick glance to the rest of your face

Eyes do half the magic for your face but doesn’t mean you can ignore the rest. Dark eyes complements both bright red lips or in nude shade. Don’t over load your face with make up making it all too rosy then all your effort falls flat. Just keep it simple yet sexy!


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