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How Autistic Kids are helped with hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of most popular medical practices healing multiple physical and mental disorders today. With the help of oxygen therapy your body is exposed to ample of pure oxygen. The treatment actually involves a patient or an individual to breathe in pure oxygen at a heightened pressure level inside an enclosure. This pressurized chamber is also known as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Today there are several families having autistic kids who believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has brought about a change in their lives. Sadly only a few insurance companies would like to cover HBOT cases. However you still have several pediatricians who completely support the fact that oxygen therapy has bring forth a significant change or improvement in lives of thousands of mentally challenged individuals.

Over the years hyperbaric oxygen therapy has earned credibility as one of the effective medical practices for treating autism. A randomized study revealed that children receiving 40 hours of oxygen therapy in a month responded well. They showed signs of improvements like being responsive to questions, making better eye contacts and of course being more sociable. After receiving oxygen therapy these little ones showed a remarkable change in their behavior; they didn’t show signs of disturbance on being exposed to noise. They were pretty okay. You can get more details on HBOT autism from the internet.


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