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Why autism attacks male children?

Are you aware of all the issues related to autism? Did you manage to uncover any of them? Here is one mystery that still needs to be solved. Well let me talk to you about it. Researchers on studying autism have found that the disorder is common amongst boys. They came up with a fact that is amazingly true; boys are more susceptible to autism than girls. Recently a journal has revealed a possible clue that triggers autism in boys. It is basically a genetic clue and explains clearly as to why this weird disparity exists between boys and girls. Boys are more susceptible to developmental disorders. Genetic clues invariably pointed out at the truth that difference in chromosomal behaviors actually indicate that boys are more prone to autism. The chromosome CACNA1G triggering autistic traits are mostly found in males and huge numbers of the same chromosome are actually linked with autism occurrences in men.

However, variants in gene combinations can also cause autism. People suffering from autism in Wisconsin have a pool of opportunities to treat such mental imbalance.


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